How To Style Your Home To Be Boho Eclectic?

Your home is unique, it is your space. You have the freedom and ability to express who you are in your space. If you have a style that is earthy, carefree, and fun, then you’re likely someone who loves the boho eclectic look. Be Home says, “Bohemian chic décor is as unique as the person executing it. By definition, eclectic means you are deriving inspiration from a broad variety of sources, and a multifaceted space is truly the core of boho style.”

In this blog, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to style your home to be boho eclectic.

Say Goodbye To Brand Names

The boho eclectic style is very unique. You can make it personalized however you’d like, but one of our best tips is to stay away from brand names. Rather than shopping for home décor at big stores – we recommend focusing your attention to small shops and thrift stores. When you shop small, it allows you to find more unique and curated items.

If you’re wanting to add an art deco mirror into your space, you’ll have more luck finding something that fits your vintage style from Inspira Natura than you will from a big store. When you’re looking to have a boho eclectic home, it’s important to recognize that one of a kind and unique items are going to accommodate your vibe better.

Be Open To Mixing And Matching Textures

Since eclectic means that you’re deriving inspiration from different sources – it’s okay (and encouraged) to mix and match things in your home. We recommend inviting fun textures into your space. Our travertine tiles have beautiful texture that tells a story.

Don’t be afraid to combine textures of tiles with wood and wicker. The more textures you have, the more character you have.

One way to add textures to your walls is to hang our vintage decorative wall tiles, or you can add texture to your coffee table by adding our travertine tile coasters.

Use Lots Of Neutrals And Then Add Pops Of Colour

One of our favourite ways to achieve the boho eclectic look in a home is to use lots of neutral tones, and then to add pops of colour.

This look can be achieved through natural furniture, and then having a piece that sticks out from the rest. Our tile serving tables are perfect for this! Their beautiful blue colours and Moroccan style add a pop of colour into any space.

Adding pops of colour is a fun way to express who you are – pick colours that speak to you. Personally, we like earthy greens and ocean blues in our space because they add in a bit of nature.

Incorporate Nature

As we just mentioned – adding colour into your home can really help you achieve the boho eclectic look. When you’re looking for boho décor, don’t forget that nature, and all of the beautiful colours and designs in nature, can make great décor.

We love incorporating images of ocean animals into our vintage vanity mirrors. They invite colour into a space while also connecting you to the natural world.

No matter how you decorate your home, it’s important that you have fun with it! Don’t be afraid to take time to find items that speak to you, choose pieces that tell a story, and be excited about every corner of your home.

You can achieve a boho eclectic home through shopping small, and incorporating textures, colours, and nature. If you’re looking to achieve this look, we recommend browsing our website Inspira Natura, to see what items we have that found fit your space. All of our items are handmade using Turkish travertine tiles.