How to give unforgettable personal gifts

Whether it’s a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, an anniversary gift, or a gift for something else – it feels good to give a gift that someone likes.

How do you personalize a present so that it’s never forgotten?

In this blog we will tell you our favourite tips and tricks when it comes to giving a personal present.

#1. Spend time thinking

We recognize that sometimes this is easier said than done,  but we’ve found that the more time your spend thinking about the gift you’re going to give, the more personal the gift ends up being.

For example, if you’re looking to give your wife a beautiful framed tile mirror – you’re going to want to spend time thinking about where she’ll put the mirror, and which mirror would fit her style best.

The more thought that you put into a piece, the more likely the piece is going to feel personalized.

People can tell when there’s an intention behind something.

#2. Find something that is unique

Unique things make a statement. People like to feel seen, and people feel scene when they receive a gift that isn’t generic.

A unique gift could be a boho framed mirror, a set of tile coasters, or a Moroccan vintage title serving tray. No matter what you choose, the gift receiver will always remember that the thoughtful and unique gift came from you.


Gifts with character leave an impact and are not easily forgotten.

#3. Wrap your present thoughtfully

Once you’ve spent time thinking about what gift you want to give someone, and then ensuring that the gift you’re giving is unique. We recommend taking time to thoughtfully wrap your present.

When you wrap a gift, you make it an experience.

All of a sudden the gift receiver is anticipating what the gift is even more. They’re going to have so much fun unwrapping the gift to see a beautiful keyholder behind the tissue paper, or a handcrafted mirror underneath the layers of wrapping.


Wrapping a present also shows a person that you care, and this is something that people remember—the time and energy you put into ensuring their gift experience was a positive one.

#4. Write a note

Now that you’ve wrapped the unique gift that you spent time thinking about, we recommend writing a note.

When you write a note, you’re once again taking the time to show a person that you truly care.

One of the best ways to make a gift unforgettable is to make a person feel good. They’re going to feel good knowing that you spent time picking them out a piece, that you ensured the gift was unique, that you wrapped the gift, and that you wrote them a sweet note.

In your note, you can comment on how the gift made you think of them, or why you think they’d like it. If you choose to gift them a handmade travertine tile item from InspiraNatura, you could also spend time writing out the history of the stones so that they can share the story of the piece with people in their lives.

Giving someone that you care about a gift is a wonderful way to make someone feel seen and loved. This is especially the case when you give someone a gift that leaves an impact.

We’ve found that our customers enjoy giving InspiraNatura items as gifts because they hold history, they’re beautiful, and they love how they feel when they support a small business.

Next time you’re wanting to give someone a gift, we recommend spending time on our website and picking a unique item for that special someone. If you’re wanting to gift someone InspiraNatura, you can check out our go-to gift guide, or our Christmas 2021 gift [link to Christmas guide] guide for ideas.