Do You Want to Tell a Story with Your Interior Design?

Stories are beautiful.

Stories are powerful.

Do you want to tell a story with your interior design?

Do you want your home to tell a story?

If the answer is yes, then keeping reading because in this blog we are going to tell you how you can tell a story with your interior design.

One of the best ways – if not the best way – to tell a story with your home décor is by inviting a piece of history into your home.

For example, when you purchase from InspiraNatura, you are purchasing an item made with travertine tiles. Our tiles are from Turkey and are over 200,00 years old. Each piece has veins and dents and bumps that make it unique. A 200,000-year-old piece is a piece of history.


You thought your 70-year-old bottle of Scotch told a story? Imagine the stories these stones would share if they could speak.

When you decorate your home with travertine tile, you’re decorating your home with history – you’re telling a story through your decoration.

Another way that InspiraNatura tells a story through décor is by incorporating beautiful designs into our pieces. You can read more about the history of our stones and designs here. Here is the summary of our designs:

The sea creature illustrations were found a German medical doctor and naturalist. He became a teacher, and later he moved to Berlin where he became a physician. He amassed a private collection of natural objects, and wrote many papers on natural history, comparative anatomy, and physiology.


The other design are all classical designs that you can find in classical otomanian, venecian, Tuscan interiors that are shown throughout history and in ancient documentations.

If the history of those designs doesn’t tell a story, then we don’t know what does!

When you’re picking pieces for your home, we recommend picking pieces that are historical, as well as pieces that can help you build memories.

We love how our tile serving platters, and our Moroccan vintage serving tray are both beautiful additions to any gathering. When you use these to serve your guests, you begin to develop memories that are associated with these pieces.


These memories will come out at different times, and they will add to the stories of your home. At your next wine and cheese night, you’ll share with the group how the last time you used your Moroccan vintage serving tray, your husband spilled his coffee on the tray and you both laughed as it was coffee that used the last coffee beans in your home.

As you develop memories in your home, and with your décor – you’ll develop stories. Don’t be afraid to share these stories with people you love.

If you have a vintage tile key hanger, you’ll develop memories about the time you misplaced your keys only to find them hanging right where you left them on the hanger. It’ll be fun to share this story with your friends.


Our historical pieces are going to become part of your story, and we honestly think that’s quite beautiful. We hope that our travertine stone pieces become interwoven with your life and that you find joy in things that used to be mundane.

We hope that our serving table becomes part of your breakfast in bed tradition, or that our tile key hanger becomes a part of your routine.

When you invite functional art into your space, you’re opening the door to an endless possibilities of stories. Stories that you can share about the history of a piece, and stories that you can develop as you begin to use a piece.

If you’re looking to invite a story into your home, we recommend that you spend some time on our website and shopping around to see what we have in stock.

How will one of our pieces become part of your story?