Your Go-To Gift Guide

Buying a gift for someone can be challenging. It can be overwhelming to come up with a fun and unique idea that they’re sure to love. This guide will help you come up with ideas that any recipient would be eager to receive. 

1.Housewarming Gift

A housewarming gift can be challenging when you don’t know what someone has, what they need, or what their style is. Our Art Déco Tile Mirror is a beautiful mirror with natural tones that will accommodate anyone’s style. Every new homeowner needs things to decorate their walls with, and a mirror is the perfect piece because it is always a necessity. They are going to love learning about the history of the tiles and how this piece was carefully handmade. 


2.Wedding Present

Whether it’s an engagement gift, shower gift, or wedding present, a cheese board is a beautiful gift that any couple would be thrilled to receive. Our [insert official title here] is a beautifully handcrafted platter that will wow the recipient and their guests. 

3.Gift for your Spouse

Does your spouse have a tendency to misplace their keys or purse? Or maybe, you tend to misplace your keys or purse and it bothers your spouse. Our Tile Key Holder is a functional present that will prevent any keys or purses from being misplaced in the future. The beautiful travertine tiles make this piece not only functional, but also beautiful. 

4.Gift for someone with a travel bug

The World Traveller Map Mirror is sure to make any traveller’s jaw drop. The beautiful map design will remind them of their favourite destination while they’re at home. Every time they look at the mirror, they’ll be able to envision themselves on their next excursion. 

5.Gift for a history buff 

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves learning about history then any of our items would be perfect. They are going to especially love the Vintage Turkish Ceramic Tile. They’ll love learning the history of the travertine stone tiles, as well as learning about where the designs originated from. They’ll hang this piece in their home with pride. 

Ceramic Tiles

6.Gift anyone would love

If none of the above gifts are exactly what you’re looking for, then this gift is sure to work for anyone. This Rare Vintage Serving Table is absolutely stunning and anyone would be excited to receive it. The beautiful patterns and details on the tiles are very eye-catching. This table makes the perfect accent for any room.

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