Why To Shop Small

“Shop Small” is plastered on shirts, tote bags, buttons, storefronts, website banners, and more! It feels like it’s everywhere.
But what does it mean, and why should you shop small?
In this blog post, we’ll break down the term “shop small”, what it means for small business owners, and why you should consider shopping small – especially with the holiday season quickly approaching.
The phrase “shop small” is being used by people all over the world. Some countries and businesses are using it as a campaign, while other people are using it as a lifestyle choice. No matter how you approach the term, the idea is the same. The purpose of shopping small is to support small business, boost the economy, and impact individuals rather than big businesses.
As a small business, we rely on people who are willing to shop small. Unlike big businesses, every sale that we get is exciting. It means that we can feed our family, continue doing what we love, support our loved ones, and so much more. Shopping small isn’t just about small businesses making money – it’s about humans supporting dreams.
Inspira Natura is a dream come true. For us, it’s an opportunity to pursue what we love – it’s given us the ability to master an art and to find joy in everyday life.
When people support us – it allows us to continue chasing this dream.
When someone purchases one of our vintage tile mirrors, or a tile coaster set, or a serving table – they’re affirming us in our endeavours.
 tile coaster set
Another reason to shop small is that small business owners care.
Every single one of our handmade mirrors, vintage key holders, iron trays, and everything in between is handmade with love. We select high quality supplies to ensure that our items are durable. We carefully create pieces that we are proud of. We pour passion and joy into everything that we create. We delicately package our items to ensure that they arrive safely at your front door. We are excited that you’re excited about receiving your item in the mail.
When you shop small – you are going to have a positive experience because the small business owner deeply cares about their work.
So far, you have the joy of knowing that you’re supporting someone’s dream – and you have the peace of mind that you’re supporting someone who cares that you have a positive shopping experience.
Those are two great reasons to shop small, but did you know that shopping small is also beneficial for your local economy, as well as the economy as a whole?
It’s true!
When you shop small, you’re putting money into your economy which benefits you. This is because when you spend dollars locally – that person is likely going to also spend their dollars locally. If everyone is doing this in your area, then the economy while rise which will result in higher salaries, and a stronger tax base. (It’s also important to note that shopping small outside of your local area is still a positive thing because you’re still helping the economy overall.)
With all that being said, the holiday season quickly approaching, please consider supporting small businesses. It’s a great opportunity to help someone pursue their dream, to feel confident in your purchase, and to give back to help support the economy.
vintage ceramic tile sets
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