Ways to Make Your Interior Design Unique

Have you spent hours scrolling on Pinterest trying to find the perfect inspiration for your home? How can you take different aspects of styles to create a style that is unique to you? Do you want your home to reflect your individuality, but you feel overwhelmed knowing where to start?

In this blog, we are going to go over 7 ways to make your interior design unique.

1. Focus on shopping small

There is a reason that big stores are popular, they’re full of pieces that are trendy. If you want to have a home that is unique to you, then we recommend staying away from trendy and focusing on what makes you happy.

You’re going to find that trying to be trendy is exhausting because that’s the thing with trends – they’re constantly changing.

Rather than shopping at the trendiest store, we recommend focusing your attention on finding small businesses that match your style and then intentionally shopping from them. Spend time doing this. Take a look on Etsy, take a look on our website, take time to browse around and find amazing treasures as you shop small.

Not sure what it means to shop small? Check out this blog post to learn more. [link to shopping small blog]

2. Be open to trying something new

Don’t be afraid to try something new! When you try something new, you invite potential into your space. Maybe tile mirrors were never your thing, but now you’ve found us and you love the look of our vintage tile mirrors. What’s holding you back? Is it that you’ve never had travertine tile in your home? Don’t let this prevent you from trying something new!


It’s fun and exciting to be open to opportunity – to see how different things can fit in your space. Life’s too serious to be scared of “what’s different.”

#3. Make a gallery wall

If you want to make a wall unique, turn it into a gallery wall! This is the perfect way to take different objects that bring you joy and display them all in one space. We love how our set of three wall tiles looks hanging beside beautiful framed artwork.

Gallery walls are fun! They’re an exciting addition to any home because they’re an opportunity to continue adding and creating.

Whenever you find another piece that you like – just add it to the wall. It’s unique and evolving, just like you!

4. Have every piece in your home curated

“Every piece” may seem intimidating, but we really encourage you to think about the pieces you’re bringing into your home. We love making every aspect of our space something that brings us joy.

One way that we do this is through incorporating art into things like our coasters (our tile coasters are perfect for adding art into something that could otherwise be mundane). We also like to use our Moroccan Vintage Tile Serving Table as another way to have curated pieces in our everyday routines.


Thinking about the things that you bring into your home allows you to be intentional and unique in every corner of your space.

5. Tell a story with your décor

We love telling stories, and we love when décor tells stories. When you have travertine tiles in your home, you have history in your home. Every travertine tile is unique and tells a story. If you want your space to be unique, then we recommend having beautiful pieces that provoke conversations.

6. Have a subtle theme

We love having a subtle theme in a home. This is such a perfect way to have a space that is curated and put together, while still enveloping individuality. If you’re looking to decorate your home with travertine tile pieces from InspiraNatura, then your home could have a boho eclectic theme [link to article about making a space boho eclectic.]

7. Be You!

Most importantly, be YOU! This space is yours! It’s an opportunity for you to showcase just how unique you are. At the end of the day, there are no rules to how to make a space yours. Have fun with it!