Everything You Need to Know About InspiraNatura - The Turkish Travertine Sellers

Travertine, the naturally formed sedimentary stone by hot springs and under constant water pressure, can be traced back to Byzantine Empire. These stones have been in use since 1797 as construction stones for important public buildings like basilicas, temples, and even palaces.

The reason for us giving you this quick background is that when you pick any of the products, you are not just taking home an artifact; you add a little piece of history to your home.

These stones have a unique character and fibrous appearance. The natural swirls are formed by the movement and deposition of natural minerals over the years.

Travertine stones are incredibly versatile, and the contemporary design makes it the perfect décor for your interiors.

InspiraNatura hosts a vast collection of unique pieces made out of these stones. Art lover or not, these antique pieces will elevate the vibe of your house. To get your hands on these pieces, we suggest you must visit the website.

Why InspiraNatura?

InspiraNatura is the one-stop-shop for some eccentric collectibles in the Turkish Travertine. Some of the popular items are wall art, mirrors, key holders, and coasters, all made of travertine stones.

It is important for you to note that you will need to pay for shipping regardless of which country you live in. However, shipped products are given high priority, and if your package arrives broken, you will receive a free replacement.

Each item is handcrafted carefully. Apart from the designs already available, these items are customizable. Sometimes, there are considerable discounts on the items, so looking out for sales is a good idea.

The Collection

This massive collection of products are made up of decoupage tiles, giving it a bohemian look and feel. Each tile represents a series in which the illustrations are from early 19th Century deep-sea creatures. Some tiles in the collection have illustrations from the 18th century.

This fascinating representation of art is found from the famous Marcus Elieser Bloch, who was a naturalist besides being a German doctor. He had a genuine interest in natural history and had an amazing collection of natural objects.

Each product has its significance, and we shall learn about them individually further in this article.


The unique key holders are made from Turkish Travertine tiles. You get an option to choose from a variety of art, featuring motorcycles, NYC street style retro, sea life, and a lot more.

You can choose to give your house a retro look, show off your love for motorcycles, or add more structure to your beach house by easily hanging these unique pieces on your wall, just using a hook.

While choosing a product, you must understand that each stone color may be different and have a unique structure, which does not mean it's defective. Each tile is non-identical as it is crafted by nature. The usual dimensions are 15 X 40 X 3 centimeters (5.9 x 15.7 x 1.1 inches).

Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are an essential commodity in every house. Imagine adding this star piece to your vanity wall or your bathroom. The bright bohemian colors on the tiles will give your house a Moroccon style makeover.

On InspiraNatura, you can find a wide variety of vanity and bathroom mirrors with uniquely designed decoupage Travertine ceramic tiles from the "Deep Sea Series." Worried about matching color or décor? You can customize these tiles and get yourself a handcrafted masterpiece at https://www.inspira-natura.com/.

The usual size of these mirrors is 53 X 43 X 3 centimeters (20.8 x 16.8 x 1.1 inches). The decoupage tiles are set on a wood framework. You get some interesting color options and rare patterns to choose from. On InspiraNatura, you will find these mirrors at affordable rates, especially considering the rustic look, uniqueness, and beauty.


Wishing to serve coffee on a bohemian style serving table? On the InspiraNatura's website, you will find a range of rare vintage Turkish style tables made up of genuine Travertine stones.

The tiles are bright and vibrant dark blue and green that represent and invoke the pictures of the deep blue sea and nature.

The tables can be custom made adding your ideas and color choices. With the framework of wrought iron and unique Travertine motive tiles, you will receive a table that can match the Moroccan style home décor.

The usual dimension is 32 X 42 centimeters and 10 cm height. If you want it in your desired size, do mention it can be made. These versatile tables can be made as coffee tables, serving tables, and even dining tables.

Wall Arts

Hagia Sophia, the architectural masterpiece of Byzantine architecture, was constructed with mosaics that have gained great historical significance. The wall arts that are available on InspiraNatura are a high-quality reproduction of the interior walls of Hagia Sophia and some Byzantine motives.

These wall arts can also be custom made, and you can get it either in framed or in unframed form. The usual printing is on one tile, but that can be spread across multiple tiles on request.

The standard size of these wall arts is 20 X 20 centimeters. But again, the size is customizable. The unique feature of InspiraNatura is that they are open to ideas, and they try and incorporate your thoughts to deliver the best.

These vintage Turkish wall arts are quite versatile and can be utilized as window sill and tabletops too. Bring home this piece of history to uplift the brightness of your home.


Available in a set of 8, these ceramic tile coasters are a great addition to your home. The muted colors and decoupage images on these tiles represent the early 19th-century sea life.

This amazing reproduction of sea creatures on Travertine coasters falls in the "Aegean Series." Each coaster is cork based and is varnished. But you can choose to opt for no cork base tile too.

You can widely use them as college coaters, modern coasters, beach house coaters, beverage coasters, and they can even be used as a tile for your house. They are available in the perfect size of 10 X 10 centimeters. They serve as an excellent valuable gifting option for family and friends.


If cleaning and maintaining these products are your worries, we must tell you that the tiles can be cleaned easily with a clean damp cloth. Since the rocks are porous, you should keep them as dry as possible, since the water will eventually seep into the tile and damage it.

InspiraNatura is sure to satiate your cravings for art and unique collectibles. The website hosts a wide variety of home furnishing and essential artifacts that can transform how your house looks. Not only will they be an excellent vibrant addition to your house, but also a beautiful gift for an art lover.