Decisions to Make Before Buying an Art Deco Mirror

Decorating your home with a mirror can completely change your space but how do you know which mirror will work best?
There are things that we think are important to decide, before purchasing an art deco mirror. In this blog, we will talk about what decisions you should make before purchasing a vintage tile mirror.
1. Where do I want to put my mirror?
So, you know you love the look of a large decorative mirror, but where are you going to put it. Before you purchase a mirror, we recommend spending time considering how a mirror will impact a room.
If you’re looking to add a mirror to your entryway so that you can always ensure that you’re looking your best before heading out the door, then it’s important to find a mirror that accommodates that space.
Do you want a mirror for your bathroom? If so, is your bathroom themed?
Should you consider an ocean animal tiled mirror to create a theme in your bathroom? What if your bathroom has very neutral tones? Should you find a mirror that has a beautiful neutral tile frame? (Both of these styles you can find on our website).
Another great space for a mirror is a dining room – it can make your room feel fuller and more welcoming. If you’re going to add a mirror into your dining room, do you want it to match your table? Do you want it to be bold? How are you going to use a tile mirror to accommodate your space?
No matter what, we recommend choosing a space in your home and then picking a mirror. This will allow you to truly envision how your art deco mirror is going to make an impact, and it will allow you to ensure that you’re purchasing the right size of mirror.
2. What size mirror should I buy?
Now that you know where you want to put your mirror – you have to pick which size mirror will fit best. At InspiraNatura, we have different sized mirrors to best fit what you’re looking for.
One thing that is important to consider when looking at the size of our mirrors is that the different sizes of frames impact how the mirror looks.
For example, our square mirrors have a large glass piece which will impact how much light is reflected while our rectangle mirrors may draw more attention to the frame. Spend some time thinking about how you want this mirror to impact your space.
We also recommend measuring where you want to put your tiled mirror to ensure that you are confident that you’re ordering the right size.
3. What frame do I want?
Once you know where you want to place your mirror and what size you want your mirror to be. It’s important to choose a frame.
Our mirrors range in different designs and styles, and you can always send us a message to discuss the potential of creating a custom design.
If you feel overwhelmed by how many beautiful designs we have, we recommend asking yourself these questions: Do I want a patterned mirror? Do I want a colourful mirror?
Your answers to those two questions should help you narrow down what frame will best fit your space.
Once you’ve answered all of the questions above, you’re ready to purchase your art deco mirror! You’ll be confident in where you’re placing your mirror and how it will look in that space.
You can find all of our mirror designs on our website, and we are always happy to send more pictures or discuss the potential of customizing a design.