3 Ways that Mirrors Can Change a Space

Mirrors are everywhere. They are in public washrooms, dressing rooms, waiting rooms, bedrooms, and every room in between. Mirrors serve the purpose of showing you your reflection, but can they do more? Can a mirror completely transform a space? Yes! 

Here are three ways that a mirror can change a space:

1.Brighten a room.

It’s no secret that mirrors reflect the things around them, but sometimes we forget that the reflection isn’t just to see if our hair looks right, or if our outfit matches. Mirrors also reflect the environment that they are in. When you place a mirror across from a light source, such as a window, it’s almost like you’re adding another window into the room. The mirror will reflect the outside light and will allow the room to be brighter. You should try it! Find a dark space in your home that has a window, but that the window doesn’t quite reach every corner of the room. Place a mirror across from, or diagonal to, the window and notice how it transforms your space. The room will feel brighter, and it will also make the room feel more spacious. 

2.Make a room appear bigger 

How does a mirror make a room feel bigger? Mirrors create the illusion of space. When you place a mirror across a window, it makes the room feel larger. When you place a mirror near a dining room table, it will make the room feel more occupied when people are over. Mirrors trick our minds into thinking that there is more space in a room than there actually is. When you create an illusion of space, you have the opportunity to complete transform how your room looks and feels. 

3.A framed mirror adds character

A beautiful, framed mirror can bring character into a room. Whether it’s a front hall, a bathroom, a living room, or another room in your home—a mirror can serve as a conversation piece. When you decorate your living space with a framed mirror you add a touch of character into your home. Especially when the frame of the mirror is created from stones that are 200,000 years old and come from another country—you’re adding a touch of history and a touch of the world into your home.

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