3 Times to Use Your Tile Serving Tray

Our vintage Moroccan style serving table is a must have if you enjoy hosting people. The table is beautiful,  handcrafted, and full of history. Though there are countless ways that you could use your tray, in this blog  you’ll read about 3 times to use your tile serving tray

If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, you’re going to want to use your vintage Moroccan style serving table next  time you have friends over to chat over a hot beverage. The table is easy to clean, and the temperatures  won’t negatively impact the stones. It will be fun to see if anyone comments on the beauty of the table as  you enjoy your coffee and your company.

As a couple, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in life that you forget to carve one on one time with each other.  Your significant other is going to be flattered when you serve them wine and cheese on a tile serving table.  The two of you can enjoy a night in together as you nibble away at your cheese and crackers, sip your wine,  

and enjoy having intentional quality time as a couple. The serving tray will make your night feel more  romantic as it will be a tangible way to show that you’re going the extra mile to make the time together  special.

Do you have a sweet tooth? A travertine tile serving tray is the perfect way to serve desserts to your guests.  Place your favourite cakes, tarts, cookies, and other treats on the table and notice how the beautiful desserts  stand out compared to the tile background. One major benefit of using a serving tray is that the tiles can be  easily cleaned from any leftover icing or sticky crumbs.  

Whether you’re looking to host your significant other, you want to invite your friends over for coffee, or  you’re having a dessert night you’re going to be excited to use your tile serving tray. Our vintage Moroccan  style serving table is the perfect addition to any home. 

You can shop our serving trays on our website: https://inspira-natura.com/